27 November 2019

Eave wins ‘safety’ category at Highways England Intelligent Infrastructure Challenge

Traffic can be a major irritation for people, and when we’re stuck on the motorway with delays because of road maintenance, most drivers don’t give the safety of highway operatives a second thought – they just want to get to their destination. This makes highways one of the most dangerous industrial environments, because not only must operatives contend with the powerful machinery needed to get their jobs done, they must also be on constant alert for oncoming traffic.

The Eave Hearing Conservation System has won the Highways England Intelligent Infrastructure Challenge safety category, because its solution gives operatives life-saving environmental awareness without sacrificing their hearing. Using IoT noise mapping technology and digital headsets, Eave’s all-encompassing system ensures noise can be 100% accurately measured, analysed and targeted, to radically improve both safety and productivity.

Typically, it is expensive and difficult to protect workers from noise, and involves processes that are riddled with paperwork and inefficiencies. Despite complying with noise regulations, thousands of people are still diagnosed with occupational deafness and risk their hearing every day at work. In the past, managers are unaware of the daily fluctuations in noise and can only estimate the level of hearing protection truly required. When this results in over-protection, operatives must decide between not hearing at all in a hazardous environment, or exposing themselves to hazardous noise to hear in their surroundings.

Recognising this problem, the Highways Industry has commended Eave’s innovation. With the Highways Intelligent Infrastructure Challenge, Highways England and Costain have awarded a technology solution that is revolutionary in the safety industry. The Eave system automatically and continuously monitors noise through active hearing protection that allows operatives to hear their environment at a safe level, capturing how noise changes over time, which has previously been impossible to do.

David Greenberg, Eave CEO, said: “Highways are one of the most dangerous occupational environments for an operative. When they are unable to hear the hazards around them fatal accidents can occur for both workers and drivers. Thank you to Highways England and Costain for working towards creating safer highways for everyone, and for recognising our technology with this award.”

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